New Playlist: Love You In The Fall

Fall in Texas is relatively short but always pleasant it usually takes until early winter to touch into any kind of temperature near where it is in early September up in Pennsylvania. Sometimes though we get that perfect combination fo cool crisp air and wood smoke and I think about being a kid walking home from school or if I was super lucky getting a ride from a generous soul like Shannon who took pity on me in the chilly fall air. I'm not a smoker but the smell of burning tobacco sometimes brings all of that back too, man, people smoked at concerts. Especially alt and metal shows, Lordy, and it was just brutal you'd go from smoky hot venues to get a breath of fresh air and it'd be 40 degrees outside.  


I have a lot of fall memories with the music of Paul Westerberg, especially crossing from PA through to Massachusetts by train. I listened to 13 songs so much on those train rides. I know the 'Mats are as MN as you can be - but something about Paul's solo work it just catches the heart as you chug slowly through the north east on Amtrak. That whole first record of his just breathes fall. I have distinct memories of leaving NYC on the way to Springfield of the water and the bustle. It's all so still from a train. It's a magical way to see the country.  

Anyway - we've had a pretty drastic cold snap here in Central Texas so between covering the garden from frost in hopes for a late harvest and wearing a knitted beanie from my Aunt Joni I thought I would put together a little playlist for y'all. Something to keep you warm. 

The play list ended up having a narrative streak which is kind of fun - songs about seasons changing, wandering and moving, to the passing of things, to the mystery of smoke and fire, to love lost and gained. 

I hope you enjoy! 

[The Art for this post is Ann's work - german paper art cut by hand]


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