David Diers

"Nightshade" explores a woman overcoming personal tragedy to redefine herself and emerge as a stronger truer self. "Her situation is something I think we all have first-hand experience with given the pandemic. I think we all asked ourselves, is this it? Will things ever be the same again? We all had to look deep inside and find the means to move forward, just like she does." The track marries a vocal reminiscent of Peter Gabriel with an orchestrated Arcade Fire inspired indie-pop score. "Nightshade" easily slides between its string quartet arrangement and electronic drums to Motown- and disco-inspired grooves. It's the glamour and mystery he experienced firsthand in the theatre. The music mirrors the expansiveness of the heroine's journey of self-discovery and ends in a climatic and joyous celebration of affirmation: "Make this your night!"
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  1. Nightshade