David Diers new single, “Nightshade” offers a timely message of hope 

(Austin, TX) July 22nd, 2021  

On Friday, July 23rd David Diers will release his latest single, "Nightshade." A house concert and release party was scheduled. In an unfortunate coincidence, Diers’ hometown of Austin, Texas is seeing a surge of Covid cases with the deadly Delta variant. Although the house concert can’t take place given the increased risk, the hopeful message of the song--recovery from tragedy through affirmation, discovery, and self-actualization--rings even clearer. 

The crisp string lines of the new single give way to the crescendos of guitar and trumpet. Diers' tenor voice floats and surges, finally revealing a sparkling disco finale. Mario Borgatta (Muse, Kimbra) mixed the song, and Austin legend Jerry Tubb mastered it.  

“Nightshade” is, in short, an emotional journey. It's the story of a woman finding her own way after tragedy strikes. Her questions echo our own during the quarantine: "Will I ever feel the same? Will I get another chance?" Help comes to her from the song’s narrator who sings: "We all need the right light and our roots to grow."  

It’s in that spirit that Diers returns to releasing music after a 5-year pause. He is currently working towards an E.P. of new music. In the meantime, he’ll be performing where and when the fluid situation with public health allows. Growing up in rural PA, David learned early on that any place where friends gather can become a stage. And, like many of his fellow musicians, during the pandemic, he’s learned music has no boundaries with the power of live streaming.   

"Nightshade" cheers on the heroine of the song, as well as the listener: “make this your night, make this your night!” With great hope, what a night it can be!



  •  Featured as a pop-up artist at Austin Music Foundation and Googles 2nd Street Soundcheck festival.

  • Performed with Sarah Pierce Band at Reckless Kelly's Softball Jam 2016 at the Dell Diamond

  • Performed with Sarah Pierce Band at SXSW 2016 at Saxon Pub Show Case

  • Monthly residency at Sweetwater, Austin.

  • Released Debut E.P. Heart of Steele

  • Has performed on stage with or been in bands with members of Breaking Benjamin, Loggins and Messina, Waylon Speed, Reckless Kelly and the Gina Chavez Band

  • Pigeons, original composition performed by UT Austin New Music Ensemble

  • Studied guitar with Jay Umble, David Cullen, and Glen Rexach
  • Studied composition with Pulitzer Prize winner Kevin Puts, Prix Lili Boulanger prize winner Donald Grantham.
  • Studied Sitar and Tabla with Dr. Stephen Slawek, disciple of Ravi Shankar
  • Learned Javanese Gamelan under Pak Rasito Purwopangrawit, West African Drums with Barak Schmoll, and Balinese Gamelan in London.