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What we know and forget

It was a cold day in early January. The wooden floor was frigid to my bare feet. The joints in my hands and fingers moved slowly. I pulled a heavy wool flannel over me. Its course weave scratched at my…

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New Playlist: Love You In The Fall

Fall in Texas is relatively short but always pleasant it usually takes until early winter to touch into any kind of temperature near where it is in early September up in Pennsylvania. Sometimes though we get that perfect combination fo…

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Performing the Moment

I have always enjoyed going to see musical artists interpret their own songs as performers. I think of Bob Dylan's version of "Blowing in the Wind" from the "Love and Theft" tour. I saw him several times on that tour…

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The "Professional" - the business of art.

Some of the work of this year has been looking for ways to integrate the successes and lessons from my professional life in my day job as a computer programmer with my professional life as a musician. As a musician…

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Where ya been? - 10/9/18


Down that lonesome valley, lighting the lanterns, one if - two if, diving into the lines of bayonets, kneeling at the altar, empty handed, overburdened, scorned, grateful, burned, re-birthed. 

I think we are finally rounding the corner…

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