A Rock n Roll love letter from Austin

David Diers and his band are a love letter scrawled in lipstick on a Stratocaster: "I want to dance, I need to rock".  Imagine the guitar as the daughter of 1970s rock dancing closely with the worldly and funky progeny of 80s alt-pop both of them belting their earnest hearts out in chorus, waiting for the next drop and you have an inkling of what David Diers and his band is all about. They are hard at work on their follow up to his genre bending chamber rock debut E.P. Heart of Steele and 2016's single, The Dead. Whether they are giving their all on stage or crafting musical alchemy in the studio, the goal is always the same: to find truth through words and music and to give that back to the world with love and energy.

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David Diers - Vocals, Guitar

Mike Becker - Bass

Riley Sklar - Drums

Julia Canales - Guitar, Vocals, Violin