1. The Dead

The Dead

David Diers - 2016 (c) Beautyhammer Music ASCAP

Notes: I wrote “The Dead” so there would be a bright, wake-up/morning drive time song for people who feel the way I do about driving to work, dead inside. Through writing it I came to a very different place, however, one of gratitude for the simple gift of being alive and the chance to try another day.

Engineered and Produced by David Diers at Oakhome Studios

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The Dead

Good Morning, job I hate.
Good Morning sleepy heads.
Good morning sunrise.
Does everybody feel this dread?

The Radio dial’s frozen,
every morning something’s broken.
Same old news as yesterday,
I wish I’d never awoken.

Don’t look at the dead, stay your eyes from the dead.
Don’t look at the dead, stay your eyes from the dead.

Good morning muggy heat.
Good morning underpaid.
Good morning red lights,
Is everybody just as afraid?

We all look lifeless and beat,
stalled out on 15th street.
The man in the car next to me
could be a zombie or might be asleep.

Then again maybe this is heaven, and no one’s told us we’ve passed on.
Do you think we’ll get the irony of screwing up the kingdom come?

Good morning power ties.
Good morning skirts and heels.
Good morning Windows.
I think our fate has been firmly sealed.

Good morning everyone, I'm so glad to be here.
I don't know if I'm alive or dead but I'm so glad to be here.

Photo: David Diers 2015